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Alex Domschot: Discography

as leader

Alex Domschot Army of Me (Wave Function)

Alex Domschot Venusian Commute (Dreambox Media)

as sideman

Vic Stevens' Mistaken Identities If People Could Talk (Dreambox Media)

Howard Isaacson Blue Skies (Sunrise)

Craig Schoedler There's Something About A Mountain (CS)

Tag Simple Minded (Futility)

Vic Stevens' Mistaken Identities No Curb Ahead (Lolo)

Sarah Lisitski All of Me (Grace)

Jane Labanz Moon Garden (Midsummer's Night)

Jeff Klein L'évangile du Coeur (D-Tour)

Virtual Generation Le Groove (Incius)

Howard Isaacson DreamWorld (Sunrise)

Jeff Klein fin (D-Tour)

Michael Pedicin Jr. Angles (Optimism)

Geri Mingori Band The Grass on the Other Side (HumanRecordz)

Raoul Romero The Music of Raoul Romero (Seabreeze)

Chris Fio Rito A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening (TDL)

Carlos Avalon O Pianista (AvaSon)


INSIDE LOVE - A Tribute to the Beatles (ESC)