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Army Of Me - January 4, 2014

Alex's cover of Bjork's 'Army Of Me' is now available as a digital download only.

"Alex is a virtuoso guitarist who combines powerful rock colours with brilliant jazz chops as you'll hear right away on this excellent single."  -  Mark Knox, NewSound Productions.

"Alex Domschot is a brilliant and fiery guitarist who combines the sound and power of rock with the improvising of jazz. On his cover of Bjork's "Army Of Me," he forms a tight power trio with bassist Percy Jones and drummer Adrian Harpham. This guitarist sounds unlike any other, showcasing the melodic beauty of the song while balancing aggressive passion and lyricism in memorable fashion."

   -   Scott Yanow, jazz journalist and author of 11 books

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"Great ideas and great chemistry" - February, 2006

Bill Milkowski's Jazz Times review is another positive commentary. I'm thrilled and flattered.

Nice review of CD on Textura - January, 2006

Marc's Shades of Jade and Alex's Venusian Commute were combined in the same review.

"Teachers is a masterpiece" - December, 2005

Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez had some very nice things to say, including "Venusian Commute is a wonderful accomplishment, gathering classic and jazz with original and lyrical sounds."

Marc and Vic "steal the thunder" - November, 2005

I always chuckle when reviewers characterize musical events (including recordings) as akin to a sporting event: the musicians seemingly engaged in a competition with each other, as in a late-night game of Cutthroat at the local pool hall.

At least this listener had high praise for "Teachers", even as he failed to realize that, in fact, the "deeply etched, foreboding cello intonations" were actually Marc Johnson and his trusty bow; or that the solo cello played so beautifully on "Princess" is Warren Samples (not to mention the string orchestra); or that Andy Lalasis is sitting in the bass chair on "Two's Blues"; yet, the overall tone of the review is - despite its observational shortcomings - quite positive.

Marc and Vic can steal my thunder anytime.

Venusian Commute is available at: - September, 2005

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Alex Domschot electric and nylon guitar
Marc Johnson bass
Vic Stevens drums
with Warren Samples cello (track 1) & Andy Lalasis bass (track 3)
Rowan String Orchestra

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